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What are the Investment
Challenges of 2024?

The trajectory of the stock market over the past year and a half has been remarkable.

The S&P 500 has surged over 45% since October 2022…

But… every experienced investor knows the market doesn’t go up in a straight line.

Risks are on the horizon. Inflation is struggling to stabilize at 2%, geopolitics is volatile, and a tech bubble is forming.

In 2000, the QQQ fell 83%.

When the current tech bubble deflates, the bulk of investors will see their gains vanish.

In volatile times like these, traditional buy-and-hold strategies simply don’t work.

The need for a proactive approach that adapts to the market is more crucial today than it has been in the past decade.

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Having had many subscriptions over many years, i can vouch that @42macro is the best subscription deal by far and the best macro research and process.

What makes it the best is that @DariusDale42 continues to improve his models and process.

This man´s (@42MacroWeather) macro work is probably the best l´ve seen. Hands down 🫡.

Thanks for sharing 🙏.

Did this talk today with Darius Dale. Many know my disdain for “macro” analysts, but quite frankly this probly the smartest guy lve met on Wall Street.

Very worth checking him out.

Even though I am a trader of both Crypto and Equities I use information from @42Macro and @DariusDale42 to position into the right assets.

Macro and Flows matter.

Can confirm, Darius has been in tune with these markets more than anyone these past few years.

Not even close, really.

Darius, your research, risk management process’, and discipline in your process’ has helped tremendously.

Thank you for helping me navigate these shifting currents my friend.

These are wild times we are living in and your data driven approach & rational / zero-dogma interpretations always make sense. Noticing that your Bitcoin forecast was on point too. Thank you!

This is why I subscribe to @42Macro now; data driven, cut out the noise, utilize a process that works.

My regret is that I didn’t subscribe earlier.

Was just rewatching Powell’s Jackson Hole speech from last year and it made me appreciate even more how you nailed the resilient US economy call. It looks more impressive by the day. This is one of the all-time great macro calls brother.

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What is 42 Macro?

42 Macro is Global Wall Street’s leader in macro risk management research and portfolio guidance.

Renowned for our differentiated frameworks, we deliver the highest quality analysis to help our clients consistently make money and protect gains across market cycles.

Founded by CEO Darius Dale, the 42 Macro team is composed of thoughtful individuals with extensive experience in the financial services and software development industries.

Who is 42 Macro research for?

Our research is perfect for a wide range of investors looking to gain an edge in financial markets, including sophisticated retail investors, RIAs, and institutional investors.

For novice retail investors, we recommend exploring the educational resources and reading lists available on our website to grasp the fundamentals of macro investing before engaging with our research.

What makes 42 Macro research unique?

At 42 Macro, our mission is to provide the highest-quality macro risk-management guidance and analysis. We do this by continuously monitoring market dynamics, a wide range of economic indicators, and policy developments, ensuring our analysis is always current and accurate.

Our unique advantage is found in our systematic investment approach, which combines qualitative research with the distillation of quantitative risk management signals. Through this repeatable, data-focused process, we have consistently helped our clients generate returns across market cycles.

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