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We believe that every investor should be aware of broader trends in the market. Our founder, Darius Dale, is a visionary pioneer of macro research and one of the world’s most influential macro strategists.

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Everyone talks about their sub paying for itself in the year with profits but that's so pre-2022! In the scary bear market we're in today, it's crucial your sub pay for itself in how much it saves you from BLOWING UP FURTHER. That's where my man @42macroDDale shines!

@42macroDDale Just dropping a line on behalf of our community to celebrate your high IQ+ humbleness. ???? A big financial brain normally is accompanied by arrogance.. We appreciate and support you!! Keep being humble. #gas #Economics #finance #cryptocurrency

With @42macroDDale you always have the actual data. Not whatever GRID Darius is pumping. This allowed me to rotate out of deflation/inflation portfolio and into dollar heavy GRID 0 portfolio in march/april transition.